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[ m.]

6 February
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22. been on livejournal for approx. 10 years and that's absolutely ridiculous haha. it's changed a lot, but i still manage to visit from time to time. i'm hella into a bunch of things! too lazy to list right now!
animation, batfamily fun times!, beckett's beautiful hair, being a creep, being omnipresent yet not, bones, books are great visuals, booth/brennan, castle, cinematography, cloud/tifa, comics, criminal justice, cute things, damian fucking wayne, dean's guardian angel boyfriend, dick grayson's ass, disney, disney movies, films, final fantasy series, garrett hedlund's beautiful face, gaytastics, hearts and kisses, i hate fandom ingeneral, i really like ot3s, ichigo/rukia, idek, ihate damon salvatore, kingdom hearts, kon/cass, mai's sarcasticandwitty hotness, mai/zuko, olivia wilde's irresistible bod, people i call friends, pretty things, psychology, shoes shoes andmore shoes, sigmund freud's logic, south park, teddy's blonde hair, teen titans, television shows, that show called avatar, that site called tumblr, the gratifying tron franchise, the winchester brothers, tifa lockhart's assets, tim/kon, tim/steph, video games, young avengers, young justice, your mom, zack fair's incredibleness, zuko's infnite dweebiness, , , , , , ☆彡, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,